The Darker side of me

Obviously tons of naked pics of me, in all sorts of vulnerable positions isn't enough for your sick minds. you need more STIMULATING information about me, like how my mind works other sorts of shit like that Other wise you wouldn't have dragged your little cursor over to the bio page most normal people want to see nudie stuff; but you, you've got to try and be intellectual well in this bio you'll find all sorts of different things to muse yourself with. so read on and cheerio.

First things first, my measurements (if you're a real ladies man you would've been able to guess from my pics; but for those of you who aren't that skilled, read on) 34C:22:33, and I'm 5'4, in case you were planning on buying me something sexy in the future! P.s. I like black leather!!!

Next moving right along we’re going to get into movies. I just love to sit back on a scary night and pop in EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS. All the David lynch movies satisfies my weird movie tastes. And let’s see, BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD(the original black and white), and NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES, be sure to email me with movies you think I should watch!!!!

As far as music goes I'm pretty much OPEN to anything HARD and HEAVY(pardon the pun!!) for instance ROB ZOMBIE, always has my ear glued to the speakers wanting more, MACHINE HEAD, PROPAIN and FEAR FACTORY just to name a few. My favorite pastimes are going to see some of my favorite bands play, sex, going out to antique shops(trying to find coffins of course)more sex, sex films, porn mags and did I mention sex? Also I like to just relax sometimes with a good book like THE WRITINGS OF H.P. LOVE CRAFT, ANNE RICE, and of course POPPY Z. BRITE(because she writes about vampires and sex, what a great combo!) and my all time favorite naked person in the entire world is JULIE STRAIN (she is so naked . . . I mean goddess like oops)

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Where else can you see me..... Besides Seduction Cinema Films

  • Hustler's Taboo
  • Leg Show
  • Femme Fatal
  • Extreme Fetish
  • Celebrity Sleuth
  • Celebrity Skin
  • High Society Best of 00
  • Swank
  • High Society Dec/02 w/Lemmy
  • SQI- Scream queen illustrated
  • Gear Magazine
  • Penthouse storys
  • Pirate Magazine 78
  • Leg Tease
  • High Society
  • Leg Sex
  • Draculina

What do I do when I am not on the road or shooting.....

  • Listen to a lot of Music
  • Hang with my dogs
  • Read Magazines and books  (Here are some cool mag's.... FETISH, PORN, ATLANTIS RISING, GEARHEAD WEIRD NJ, METAL MAGS) I think ya got this one...
  • Strip Club's
  • Riding on the back of a chopper
  • Riding my mountain bike
  • ....and yes I even like to cook and garden
  •  Workin on my site
  • Collectible Convention
  • Attend Concerts and Local Shows
  • The Sims
  • XBOX

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Want more Facts about me

Any way I hope I've helped you all feel just a bit closer to me and things I like... wait a minute you're still reading? Get your asses back to the pictures. What are you thinking?